I build the web, make apps and drink coffee.


My name is Jonas Boserup, eversince I first got introduced to a computer things has gotten crazy. I study software engineering at the University of Southern Denmark, and spend my time building websites and iPhone apps. I am a full-stack web developer and tech enthusiast.

My Work

Quality is of the essence, and that is key when working with mission critical apps., that is why I commit 110% to what I do. I strive to establish continuous dialogue with the client, and never will deliver half-baked projects.

Prior Experience

Having worked on projects for Copenhagen Fashion Week, fashion bloggers and hair stylists, among others, my technical know-how and communication skills have been put to the test.


Have a project you would like me to work on? Then open your favorite email client, and send me an email. If phones are more your thing, feel free to give me a call.